a little about shifting and me

ive been thinking and thinking about what i want to put here for about an hour. that might not be much but when you’re 15 years old trying to sound professional so other people dont just dismiss you… well it could feel more like 30 hours.

ive been interested in reality shifting since october of 2020. at first it was because it kept just popping up in my fyp on tiktok but then it was about me actually being able to see my favorite characters from my favorite movie/show. ever since i can remember, my dad lover harry potter so we always watched it together. i loved that saga. it was something me and my dad shared. so it became my comfort movie. when it became a trend on tiktok, my “obsession” with the movies only grew more so i decided to shift into harry potter.

the first time i tried was on oct 16th 2020 since everyone was saying that because of the full moon (i believe it was the red moon) but i was super unprepared. i hadnt finished my script, i didnt do much research aside from what was on tiktok or what one of my best friends had told me since she was into shifting too and she had known about it a while before me. obviously i didnt shift the first time (disclaimer: it is possible to do so in your first time but it is very unlikely, its different for everyone). anyways i made more research about it and thats where i am now. i havent shifted just yet but yes i feel close.

i wanted to do this because there are so many people going around saying that shifting is fake that its just a dream or lucid dreaming. im here to tell you its not. shifting is 100% real, 100% safe and 100% not against any religion. i also wanted to do this because i want to help you shift and bring you with me on my journey of shifting. i still dont know how this website works since i literally decided to create a website 30 minutes ago cause i was bored in algebra. im also considering to make an instagram account for this website if that makes sense.

i dont know what else to say here so i guess thats all for now..

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6 thoughts on “Home

  1. ayo, thanks i have seen many comments on different websites saying shifting wasn’t real and i got really confused for a second. people are being rlly with confusing wording and im just starting. hope we can shift together

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    1. yw! I’m thinking about opening an insta acc instead since its easier to manage and just delete this lol, you can dm me to my personal ac, and ill let you know when I do create it or if you just need help with shifting I’m also here 🙂 good luck, you got this!

      xxoo, sm


    2. hii!! im not sure if i already answered this lmao my head is everywhere but im glad you found this helpful.. if you need any help with shifting dm me @sofiii_302 since im not really using this website anymore cause its too much for me right now since im in school lol

      xxoo, sm


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